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The Absence of Prose a challenging, and frequently controversial and unorthodox poetry collection by Steve Callaway was published today on Smashwords. As you might reasonably suspect it contains irony, satire, humour and widespread and systematic abuse of accountants and politicians


Worlds Beyond Within, published as a downloadable ebook from Smashbooks by scifi author and poet Steve Callaway, is a novel in which the protagonist Jimmy Martin receives an unusual book in the post as he is sucked headlong into a vortex of transdimensional space and time-travel, romance, political intrigue and brouhaha. The story is set against a backdrop of a contemporary England, in a world is on the verge of a series of radical changes as events unfold around Jimmy, and his associates from the Society of Esoteric Travellers, SET. The first book of a series, it focuses on Jimmy’s early travels in parallel worlds and time itself, and the complexities of his developing relationship with his extraterrestrial girlfriend, Sarah. There are no easy answers, Jimmy discovers, no empirical proofs, and no more certainties.